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Our Partners

EO Products

Location: Marin County, CA

EO is a pioneer in the natural products industry. The company was founded on an obsession with essential oils and has been manufacturing plant-based body care since 1995. Products are made with organic and sustainably-farmed ingredients in a family-owned, zero-waste factory.

EO Products we carry:

    Better Life

    Location: St. Louis, MO

    Better Life makes plant-derived, environmentally friendly cleaners that are completely safe for use around kids, pets, and marine life and that biodegrade two-to-five times faster than leading natural cleaners. Catch the founders on Shark Tank, spraying their own cleaning product into their mouth just to prove how safe it is.

    Better Life products we carry:


      Location: Los Angeles, CA

      Zatik’s hair and body products are handmade with truly the highest quality organic ingredients, which include naturally isolated plant extracts and superfoods. The husband-and-wife team craft their products in small batches, and follow Ayurvedic principles in their formulation.

      Zatik products we carry:

      Little Seed Farm

      Location: Wilson County, TN

      Little Seed Farm is an actual goat farm- and it’s of the only 100% grass fed dairy goat operations in the country. LSF products reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability, from the earth-friendly ingredients to the zero-waste packaging option.

      Little Seed Farm products we carry: