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Delivery | How It Works

How do deliveries work?

Currently, delivery is available for Westside Los Angeles zip codes (click to view our local delivery map). 

Without Waste Shop Delivery Map

All products are available for delivery. Refill products (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and more) are sold in glass bottles/jars of various sizes. The price of the product includes a deposit for the glass bottle/jar. This deposit is fully refundable if the bottle/jar is returned undamaged (no breaks or scratches) upon your next order.

Please note that all refill products come in a glass jar/bottle of your choosing and are equipped with a metal lid. Pumps/spray nozzles are sold separately and are not refundable.

Orders are delivered on Monday and Thursday every week.

How do I return a bottle/jar?

Bottles/jars are fully refundable upon your next order. When going through the check out process, there will be a location for you to notify us if you plan on returning a bottle/jar. Please give the bottle/jar a good rinse before returning! But don't worry, doesn’t need to be spotless as we’ll be taking care of the cleaning and sanitizing. We’ll collect your return bottle/jar you when we drop off your next order. A refund will then be issued.

Unfortunately, if the bottle/jar is damaged (this includes scratches, breaks, etc.) a refund cannot be issued.

Please note that pumps/spray nozzles are not refundable.

Deposits range depending on the size of the bottle/jar:

  • 16 oz. standard glass refill jar: $2

  • 32 oz. standard glass refill jar: $2

  • 8 oz. blue glass bottle: $2

  • 16 oz. blue glass bottle: $3

  • 16 oz. clear glass bottle: $3

  • 16 oz. amber glass bottle: $3

  • 64 oz. (1/2 gallon) clear glass jug: $5

  • 1 gallon clear glass jug: $6