5 Zero Waste Resolutions for 2020

With 2019 coming to an end and 2020 just around the corner, we’re reflecting on all our steps taken towards zero waste this past year and looking forward to doing even better in the next! This list isn’t by all means comprehensive, we’ll always be thinking of different ways to reduce waste! But here are a few focus points to kick off 2020 :)


1.    Tuesday is now the designated compost day and we’re sticking to it!

We were SO good about composting when we first got our bin. Every week we’d take it to the local compost drop off. However, the holidays came around and slipping up once made it all too easy to slip up again. This year, collecting and dropping off our compost is the number one zero waste resolution for our household!

2.    Plan out weekly meals on Saturday. Shop for as much as possible at the farmers market on Sunday.

We’re at the Brentwood Farmers Market every week for our Without Waste Refill Station (yay come visit us!) so there’s no excuse the majority of our groceries can’t be sourced there. Thinking through our meals for the week makes shopping efficient and GREATLY reduces our food waste!

3.    Make the full switch to zero waste toothpaste

Ok, admittedly this one has been on the list for a while. We sampled a jar of toothpaste tablets and when they ran out, couldn’t decide what we wanted to try next. Then, of course, the holidays came around and with our busy schedules and funds directed to upcoming holiday travel, the search for the perfect zero waste toothpaste came to a grinding halt. We’re excited to try Nelson’s Naturals next and soon add an option to our refill shop!

4.    Volunteer more! At least once a month.

We love the Surfrider Foundation. It’s made up of an inspiring group of people dedicated to both protecting and enjoying what they love: our oceans, waves, and beaches. This year we will be participating in at least one Surfrider event a month.

5.    Try the Diva Cup.

It’s just time to give it a try. Enough said.


What steps towards zero waste are you looking forward to making in the New Year??

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