5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A Purchase

The ever-increasing ease and affordability of online shopping has led to an astounding accumulation of stuff. With the click of a button, we’re able to get goods delivered to our door FAST and for a relatively low price tag. Unfortunately, that low price tag can often signal poor quality. And, unfortunately, the process of returning isn’t quite as easy as that initial click of a button should an item not meet expectations. Ultimately, we end up with stuff that breaks, stuff that sits around unused, stuff that we don’t really need, and in the end, an astronomical amount of stuff on its way to a landfill. 

When shopping at Without Waste Shop (and really any other shop—online or brick-and-mortar!) we hope that it’s kept in mind that a huge part of living sustainably is buying only what you need and taking care of the things you own to ensure they last. From pretty water bottles to sleek reusable cutlery, it’s tough when social media paints zero waste so aesthetically pleasing. It’s tempting to throw everything out that doesn’t match that zero waste “look” and completely start over. But we encourage you to take stock of what you already own before finalizing a purchase. You may find something that does the job just fine! For items deemed truly essential to begin your zero waste journey, we’re here for you :) 

Here are a few questions we try to ask ourselves when considering a purchase!*

1.     Do I need this?

2.     Do I already own something that serves this purpose?

3.     Why do I want it?

4.     How much use do I think I’ll get out of it?

5.     What is its end of life? How do I plan on disposing of it?

Now sit on these questions for a few days and ask yourself one more time, “do I need it?” 

*These questions are intended to be asked solely in order to evaluate whether or not a product would be a meaningful addition to your collection of possessions. We are assuming here that the product has already been vetted for environmentally-responsible, ethical, and safe manufacturing and is produced by a brand that values transparency, diversity, and equity.

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